What Are The Features Of A Good Fashion E-Commerce App

If you are wondering what makes a good fashion e-commerce app then this blog is for you. 

You must have at least one fashion app on your mobile phone. It may be of any prominent brand or a local brand. But the thing is that you will see multiple brands revamping their digital business by creating an app for customers. 

There are many reasons why businesses have their own application, one of which is to make a strong and loyal customer base. And it’s a fact that people find shopping on an app much more convenient than shopping on a website. 

Why Do People Prefer Apps Over Websites? 

  • Firstly, apps do not take time to load as compared to websites. 
  • Secondly, apps are user-friendly and can be used anytime, meanwhile you need to search for the website. 
  • Thirdly, apps have a clean user interface allowing users to view the product in a large view. 

Some Of The Best Features Any Fashion App Should Have 

There is a huge demand for fashion apps in the United States, considering the number of brands that are present there. As a result, app development companies in Los Angeles are looking forward to creating fashion apps with advanced features. 

Let’s see what features make them unique;

1: User-Friendly Product Filtering 

The very first thing that any customer or a new visitor would do is to look for a product filter. 

Since there are hundreds of products on a product page, having a filter feature allows people to look exactly for what they are searching for. 

For instance, if the person is looking for a white t-shirt, they will simply tick the white color in the filter box. 

2: Integration Of Augmented Reality

AI technology is everywhere, even in the apps we use. There was a famous makeup brand that came up with this unique feature. 

Women could try on the lipsticks and foundation shades live on their faces. All thanks to this advanced feature that allowed many women to save money on the wrong shades. 

3: Seamless Order Tracking

Some shoppers are impatient they need to know where their parcel is and how long will it take to be delivered.

This feature lets them hold their horses by simply feeding the order number in the track order search bar. 

4: In-Stock/Out-Of-Stock Reminder 

Usually, in the sale period, some items get out of stock. What makes the shoppers annoyed is that they need to open the app again and again just to check if the item is restocked. 

This feature notifies them about the item whether it’s back or not.  A simple notification saves their day, but not their money. 

5: QR And Barcode Scanning

Some items are unable to be searched, there is usually a barcode printed or a QR code on the product tag, or if a solid material, then it’s pasted on the wrap.

So, a built-in scanner in the application allows the customers and new visitors to simply scan the product. 

6: Product Reviews Page

This is an essential feature that is a must-have as millions of people buy the product after looking at the reviews.

So, having a simple review page made for all the customer testimonials will allow them to read all the reviews and decide whether to buy the item or not. 


So, this was all about the must-have features that all fashion applications should have in them. Moreover, these allow the brands to have more and more customers to shop. 

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