Two-Wheeler Safety: Essential Tips for Every Ride

Motorcycles are perfect vehicles for the adventurous and free-spirited individuals. When one is not careful enough, a motorcycle could become the reason for their untimely demise. This post aims to highlight some motorcycle riding safety tips for the uninitiated.

Here goes.

One Must Buy A Bike As Per Their Riding Skills

One can use a two-wheeler loan EMI calculator to get a hefty bike loan and buy a powerful motorcycle. The important question is, does the riding skills of the person match the capabilities of the recently bought bike? Most motorcycle accidents occur when a novice rider rides a powerful bike. Hence, to be on the safe side of things, riders need to buy bikes that match their riding skills.

One Must Always Ride Their Bike Only After Wearing Proper Bike Riding Gear

Riders must wear proper gear while riding motorcycles. Motorcycle riding gear protects the rider from the elements and debris. Proper motorcycle riding gear also supports the rider’s neck and limbs in the event of an accident. 

On top of this, proper motorcycle riding gear also protects the rider from sustaining severe injuries like road rash in the event of an accident. In case one is wondering, proper motorcycle riding gear consists of the following:

  • ISI-approved helmet
  • Motorcycle riding goggles
  • Leather jacket
  • Leather pants
  • Tactical boots and
  • Non-slip gloves


Check the Bike’s Electromechanical Aspects Before Each Ride

One must always ensure that they check their motorcycle’s electrical and mechanical aspects before each ride. If every aspect of a motorcycle is in top condition, the bike won’t cause an accident.

Obey Traffic Rules Diligently, Use Turn Signals and Ride Within the Speed Limit

One must always follow traffic rules when they are out on their motorcycle. A car can absorb a lot of the energy released during an accident. A motorcycle cannot do the same. Riders must not break traffic rules to keep themselves and their motorcycles out of accidental impacts. They must always use their turn signals properly before taking turns. They must always ensure they are riding their bike within the speed limit applicable on a stretch of road.

Have a First-Aid Kit Tucked in the Storage Compartment of the Bike

It is best to keep a basic first aid kit tucked away in the storage compartment of your motorcycle. If the bike does not have a storage compartment, they can keep the first aid kit in their backpack. 

A basic first aid kit should have the following:

  • A pack of disinfecting wipes
  • Clean bandages
  • An alcohol-based hand sanitiser
  • One or two packs of gauze
  • A roll of medical adhesive tape and
  • A pack of band-aids

Take an Advanced Motorcycle Riding Course Before Setting Off On An Adventure

Take an advanced motorcycle riding course before choosing the perfect Hero Honda bike finance scheme and buying a touring bike. Before setting off on an adventurous solo or group biking trip, an advanced riding course can help riders in many ways.

For instance, an advanced bike riding course will teach a rider how to gain control of am out of control bike. One would also learn how to take calculated manoeuvres to avoid a collision. One can also learn about advanced turning and safe braking techniques.

The tips mentioned enough need to consider the rider’s experience. For the best results, one must make sure that they have ample experience riding a motorcycle before buying one. It is as simple as that.

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