The Best Radio Stations in GTA 5

Due to its radio stations, Grand Theft Auto 5 has an excellent soundtrack, and even among such strong competition, a few stations shine out for their superior quality. Grand Theft Auto Online has effectively extended the retail life of Grand Theft Auto 5, and the fact that both games share radio stations keeps the soundtrack pertinent even a decade after its initial release. Rockstar has a history of producing excellent compositions, so GTA 5’s radio stations are yet another audio triumph. There’s something for everyone in the soundscape, and that’s particularly true with its finest stations.

GTA 5 is yet another Rockstar game with a phenomenal soundscape, and Grand Theft Auto’s radio stations are a franchise staple. Typically, Grand Theft Auto radio stations are laden with authentic songs that correspond to the genre of the station in question. This configuration allows players to locate a station tuned to their preferred genre of music and listen for extended periods of time. In addition to its own radio presenters and advertisements, GTA radio also features the series’ trademark irreverent humor. Grand Theft Auto 5 incorporates the radio into a few narrative sequences, thereby enhancing its incarnation.

GTA 5’s Best Radio Stations Offer a Solid Variety of Quality Music

Grand Theft Auto 5 Best Radio Stations, Ranked

Players who have fond memories of GTA: San Andreas‘ radio stations will find something to like in GTA 5‘s West Coast Classics. Helmed by DJ Pooh, the station focuses on west coast rappers from the ’90s, tackling several styles of the time. The setlist includes a lot of familiar names such as Ice Cube and Dr. Dre, as well as a song from GTA: San Andreas alumnus MC Eiht. The station also includes Snoop Dogg’s classic “Gin and Juice”, one of the best songs to play while cruising around Los Santos. For fans of rap, West Coast Classics is hard to beat.

Players looking to get hyped to take on Grand Theft Auto 5‘s best missions may want to try Los Santos Rock Radio. This station is made up of classic rock songs that are likely nostalgic to many players. While the station was solid to begin with, the update that came with the Xbox One and PS5 ports was extremely kind to it. Additions like “Danger Zone”, “Carry On Wayward Son”, and “Roundabout” gave it possibly the biggest upgrade of any station in the game. Los Santos Rock Radio is the perfect radio station to play before or during a big action scene.

The song “The Set Up” should be familiar to those who finished Grand Theft Auto 5‘s Ending C, as it plays during the credits. This song appears in-game as a part of Radio Mirror Park, an indie station with an eclectic setlist that features a lot of electronica and synthesizers. The result is a station with many of the chillest songs in the game, with a few managing to achieve a downright ethereal feel. Even the comically hipster-ish host doesn’t keep it from being the most laid-back station in the game. Despite GTA 5‘s chaos, listening to Radio Mirror Park can be a rather relaxing experience.

Truth be told, all of Grand Theft Auto 5‘s music stations have songs worth listening to, and while GTA 6 can be a fresh start in many ways, it needs to keep the same level of musical quality. Whether a player is looking for rap, rock, or a more niche genre, Grand Theft Auto 5‘s radio will generally have them covered. There’s a reason why the series has long had some of the best soundtracks in gaming. Grand Theft Auto 5‘s best radio stations will rarely disappoint, and hopefully they can be a good influence on the next game Dinosaur Game as well.

Grand Theft Auto 5 is available now for PC, PlayStation 3, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox 360, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X/S.

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