Something Went Wrong on YouTube on the iPhone

Are you getting an error that something went wrong on YouTube and you are unable to find the solution for the error? Well, you shouldn’t worry about it as in this blog we will be trying to find the reason why this error keeps on occurring and how you would be able to get rid of this error on your YouTube account. 

This can be quite troublesome or sometimes irritating when you are watching something and suddenly, ‘something went wrong error’ comes up in front of you on the screen. 

This can occur because of various reasons such as an internet connection that is weak, if the version of YouTube that you are using is outdated, or if there is some error with your iPhone device. 

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Ways for Fixing the “Something Went Wrong Error” on Your iPhone Device

If you do not want to face the error of something went wrong on YouTube anymore and you wish to fix it then you should get help from the solutions that we have presented for you in this blog which have proved to be effective. 

Force Quitting the YouTube Application 

If youtube is stuck then you should first close the application from the background on your device and also the other apps which are running in the background. 

If the storage of your phone is full then also you need to clear the space and when you are done clearing the space you should try to play the videos once again after some time. 

Updating the Application of Youtube You Are Using 

If you are using a YouTube application that hasn’t been updated then you need to get to the Play Store and then get the app updated, if the app isn’t updated then there could be bugs that cause such problems for you.

Reinstalling the YouTube Application on Your iPhone Device

The next thing we have for you is to first uninstall the YouTube app that you have on your device as it will clear the cache memory it has and when the app is gone the cache files will also be gone. 

Now, after some time you need to move to the app store and then look for YouTube in the search bar and then you should tap on the cloud icon you see on the screen and get it installed, as soon as it is installed you can play the videos you want to. 

Refreshing the Network of Your Device 

Sometimes when the network connection of your device is weak or unstable also you will encounter the error of “something went wrong”, hence you need to refresh your network and see if after the refresh it is working efficiently or not. 

You can get the network refreshed by tapping on the airplane mode on your device and see if the error is fixed or not.

We hope that after reading this blog you are now able to know why does my YouTube keep saying something went wrong and what ways you can fix this error.

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