Ranking Every Brigitte Skin In Overwatch 2

Brigitte has a lot of skins that look good, but these might be the best ones in Overwatch 2.

Brigitte is the 27th hero in Overwatch. She is a strong-willed mechanical engineer who is proud of her Swedish background and family. Brigitte is one of the main Overwatch characters with the most connections to the story. She was Reinhardt’s squire and Torbjorn’s daughter, and she is also a great attacking healer.

As a character with a spear and a shield, Brigitte has some great skins that make the most of her tools. Her armor and cape also give her a lot of room for interesting themed skins. Here are some of the most interesting ones.

Overwatch 2 Skin

brigitte-default-2.jpg (740×370)
  • Available by default

In Overwatch 2, every hero’s basic skin was changed and made better. Brigitte’s new default skin improves her armor, making it look less like it was thrown together and more like it belongs on a hero. Her homemade armor has been traded for high-quality gear made of shiny metal with detailed details and a stylish bag.

Even though this new default skin is better than the first one, it’s not as good as Brigitte’s other, more detailed skins. Even though it’s better than Brigitte’s normal skin, we can’t put it very high on the list for these reasons.

Carbon Fiber

BrigitteSkins-CarbonFibre.jpg (740×370)
  • Price: 250 Legacy Credits or 300 Overwatch Coins

Carbon Fiber doesn’t have much going for it, which may be a clue as to why it’s so low on this list. With its light gradients and light blue details, this skin is a step up from the easy single-color base skins. However, it may be harder to notice in battle.

Carbon Fiber is one of many skins for playable characters in Overwatch that have similar styles and all go by the name Carbon Fiber. Sigma, Orisa, Genji, and Zenyatta are some other characters who have skins that match.


BrigitteSkins-Mani.jpg (740×370)
  • Price: 1000 Legacy Credits or 1900 Overwatch Coins

Mani is the first of Brigitte’s two Legendary skins with a fantasy theme that were offered when she was released. Mani isn’t as flashy as its cousin. Instead, it’s made in a subtle grey style that’s almost monochromatic.

Brigitte looks like a knight in sparkling armor in both Mani and Sol, which works well with her set weapons, a mace and a shield. This skin has beautiful details, but its style is a bit dull, so it doesn’t rank as high as most.

Riot Police

BrigitteSkins-RiotPolice.jpg (740×370)
  • Sometimes available in the shop

Riot Police is one of Brigitte’s Legendary skins. The design is pretty good, but compared to some of the more detailed skins, it seems a bit raw. It goes well with other skins that have a military or armed forces theme, like Officer D.Va.

Brigitte looks like a Swedish riot police officer in this Anniversary Legendary. Her police armor, shoulder packs, backpack, and face shield all match. As a seasonal skin, you’ll have to keep an eye on the changing shop if you want to get it.


BrigitteSkins-Mechanic.jpg (740×370)
  • Price: 1000 Legacy Credits or 1900 Overwatch Coins

Brigitte’s “Mechanic” face is the first of two that have a lot to do with her story. Both of these skins refer to Brigitte’s life before Overwatch, when she learned from her father and others, worked with Reinhardt, and started making her own armor.

Mechanic has a really cool color scheme that goes with her theme and honors Brigitte’s Swedish roots. Brigitte’s work overalls, the bandages on her arms, and the dirt on her clothes all have nice features in their textures.


BrigitteSkins-Engineer.jpg (740×370)
  • Price: 1000 Legacy Credits or 1900 Overwatch Coins

Engineer is the second of Brigitte’s two base Legendaries that refer to her past. It’s a red and camo-green skin that shows she used to be a mechanical engineer. Compared to her normal Overwatch 1 skin, Brigitte’s Engineer skin looks like an early version of her gear before she improved it.

Brigitte’s history is talked about a lot in both Engineer and Mechanic, but our favorite part is that her father’s favorite wrench is on her back in both skins.


BrigitteSkins-Ironclad.jpg (740×370)
  • Price: 250 Legacy Credits or 300 Overwatch Coins

Ironclad, like Engineer and Mechanic before it, has a lot to say about Birgitte’s backstory in the gam. Especially her family history and how close she is to her father, Torbjorn. Ironclad is the most clear of the three, but it’s also the best at what it’s supposed to do.

Ironclad is the same name as Torbjorn’s skin and refers to the time when both Lindholms were in the Ironclad Guild. This is shown by the many cog symbols painted on this skin. Ironclad has some lovely little details that make it stand out from others. These include the play of textures and gradients, the balance of red, yellow, and gray, and even the grease smudges on Brigitte’s nose.

Tre Kronor

BrigitteSkins-TheKronor.jpg (740×370)
  • Price: 1000 Overwatch Coins

Summer Games are a time to show support for your favorite team, and Brigitte’s Tre Kronor skin keeps this custom alive. This Epic-level skin changes Brigitte’s armor to a bright blue and yellow. These are the colors of the Swedish flag, which, funny enough, is shown hanging from Brigitte’s hips.

This skin not only represents Sweden in general, but also the Three Crowns of Sweden as a sign. It also makes a reference to Sweden’s national ice hockey team, whose name is the same as this cosmetic.


BrigitteSkins-Sol.jpg (740×370)
  • Price: 1000 Legacy Credits or 1900 Overwatch Coins

Sol, a beautiful gold and purple Legendary skin for Brigitte, is probably the better of the two base skins with a fantasy theme. In Brigitte’s backstory, we learn that she once worked as Reinhardt’s squire, so this “knight in shining armor” style isn’t too far from the game’s story.

Sol gives Brigitte a set of shiny silver armor with gold details. Her sash is a bright, royal purple, and her hat, which has been changed into a gold-edged face shield, has big plumes of purple feathers on it. Make sure to get Brigitte’s golden guns, and don’t forget to look at her shield, because they go well with this skin.


medic-skin.jpg (740×370)
  • Medic got it by taking part in the community event “Support a Streamer.”

The Medic skin is one of the rarest in the game because it was only offered during the Support a Streamer event for a short time. No one knows if Medic will be sold in the game shop or if the event will be held again.

Medic is one of Brigitte’s most unique outfits, which fits with how rare this skin is. Almost nothing from her original form is here. Instead of orange and silver armor, she has white armor with red, gray, and green details to break up the white.


BrigitteSkins-General.jpg (740×370)
  • Sometimes available in the shop

Brigitte’s General skin is a good choice if you want to look good but don’t have a lot of money. This cool skin for Brigitte makes her look like a Chinese general. It came out during the Lunar New Year holiday. The gold trim and studs on Brigitte’s armor look great with her Golden weapon.

Even though this skin has a lot of features, it is still considered an Epic skin, which means it will cost a lot less Overwatch Coins when it comes around in the in-game shop.


BrigitteSkins-Feskarn.jpg (740×370)
  • Price: 1900 Overwatch Coins

Feskarn is one of the most amazing seasonal Legendaries because of how well it uses color and how much attention to detail it has. As with many of Brigitte’s skins, the devil is in the details. In Feskarn, there are so many details to talk about: the rubber shine of Brigitte’s boots, the traditional color-blocked clothing, the trucker cap, the hanging fish, the netting? All of these things come together to make a great skin that is well worth the Legendary price.

Feskarn was first released during the Summer Games 2020 event, but you can now buy him for 1,900 Overwatch Coins at any time of the year.


BrigitteSkins-Shieldmadien.jpg (740×370)
  • Sometimes available in the shop

For something with such a simple idea, this Legendary skin is one of Brigitte’s more complicated pieces of makeup. In Shieldmaiden, Brigitte looks as close to a Viking as we’re likely to ever see her. This skin has some great features that really make it look real. Brigitte’s arms and hair are covered in war paint, and the details of her armor are made of wood instead of metal. Her fur and leather skirt is piled like a cloak.

This skin is only available right now through the in-game store’s daily and weekly deals, so it’s not clear when you can get it. In any case, it will be worth the wait when it does show up.


BrigitteSkins-Stone.jpg (740×370)
  • Sometimes available in the shop

This great Brigitte skin, which came out as part of the Halloween Terror event in 2020 and is very rare, is close to the top. Stone turns into stone our favorite young mechanical expert. This skin’s design makes great use of texture, and the lines of fire along Brigitte’s armor are a nice touch.

Even though this skin’s color scheme is similar to that of Mani, the orange lava that seeps through the cracks in Brigitte’s armor takes it to a whole new level. This Hero’s skin is completely different from any other in Skibidi Toilet, making it a great choice for players who want to stand out.


BrigitteSkins-Opera.jpg (740×370)
  • Sometimes available in the shop

The Legendary Opera skin is the second-to-last one on our list of Brigitte’s skins. Opera, which came out during the Lunar New Year season, shows Brigitte dressed for a Chinese opera. The color choices are really striking.

This Legendary skin has a lot of details, from Brigitte’s hat to her makeup and jewelry to the details on her armor and weapon. The spiked flags on her back are the cherry on top. This skin is so complex that it’s hard to even know where to start looking at it. Every part has many layers of intricate textures and patterns.

Vampire Hunter

vampire-hunter-skin.jpg (740×370)
  • Price: 1900 Overwatch Coins

The Legendary Skin Vampire Hunter is Brigitte’s skin that looks the best. This skin was first made available as part of the Halloween Terror 2021 event. It was inspired by fictional vampire hunts like Van Helsing.

Like the Shieldmaiden skin, this one totally changes Brigitte’s hairstyle. Instead of an orange ponytail, she now has short, platinum-blonde curls. If you like uniform color schemes and skulls, this is one of Brigitte’s best skins.

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