Precision Metal Stamping Services: Industries that Benefit Most

Metal stamping technology has come a long way from being a blacksmith’s job to being an automated, cutting-edge metal forming technique. Manufacturers now use metal stamping services for producing a wide range of metal parts that fit various equipment across industries. 

This article enlists the top 7 industries that benefit from metal stamping services. Check out if your industry is listed so you can make your next Google search not limited to “metal stamping companies near me”, but more focused on the ones that produce metal stamping that suits your requirements. 

But first, let’s refresh a few basics.

What are metal stamping services?

Manufacturers are investing heavily in offering the best metal stamping services near me for their clients across industries. These services leverage metal stamping- a manufacturing process where metal coils or flat sheets undergo different forming and/or cutting operations to transform into metal parts of specific sizes and shapes. 

So the next time you need to find a manufacturer who offers this metal fabrication technique, you can search for “metal stamping companies near me” to get a list of companies within your geographical reach. 

The most commonly used metal stamping operations are blanking, punching, embossing, trimming, punching, etc. Manufacturers consider the metal part design to decide the sequence and number of metal stamping operations. The metal stamping process starts when a metal sheet goes inside the stamping press that contains tools and dies. The designers create dies based on the design requirements of the final metal parts.

Benefits of the Metal stamping process

Since metal stamping processes are pretty straightforward to set up, manufacturers prefer this technique for mass production of metal parts of tight tolerances for various industries like automotive parts, and electrical components like connectors to name a few.  

Another advantage of using metal stamping services is that you can choose from a range of metals like copper, brass, stainless steel, and steel alloys.  

Industries that benefit from metal stamping services

Owing to its significant advantages, manufacturers depend on metal stamping for creating simple to complex parts of varying geometry. Here’s a list of 5 companies that benefit from this services the most:


The automotive industry is a booming market for metal stamping service providers. The automotive components have tight tolerances and strict design requirements. This makes precision metal stamping services highly beneficial for this industry. 

Common examples of automotive components are car doors, wire harnesses, battery cases, motors, lights, engines, seating belts, steering wheels, and, brake systems.

Original equipment manufacturers(OEMs)

The high volume production requirements of the OEMs, make custom metal stamping a boon for this industry. OEMs also prefer this technique for mass production because it helps in reducing the overall cost per unit and improves the production speed and the time-to-market. 

Fluid Power

The fluid power industry requires powerful hydraulic and pneumatic systems. Therefore, this industry needs precision parts that can withstand high pressure and environmental conditions like moisture and temperature.

Precision metal stamping is highly recommended to produce such parts for high accuracy and longevity along with cost-effective mass production of the metal parts. 

Examples of metal stamped parts in the fluid power industry are mounting flanges, valve sealing components and washers, brackets used in harsh environments, and handles.

Oil and Gas

The oil and gas industry relies heavily on high-quality metal parts. To ensure the least chances of mechanical failure, this industry has strict quality controls to maintain safety, efficiency, and seamless production. Also, since the metal parts are in contact with volatile materials, safety is f the highest importance. A slight change in the design could compromise the longevity and safety of the equipment.

Common precision metal stamped parts in the oil and gas industry are brackets, handles, washers, and internal sealing components. 


Medical equipment is designed for accurate measurement of body vitals, therefore every part is designed to meet strict quality standards. The high-speed precision metal stamping services from companies like Eigen become a boon for the medical industry. Such companies mass-produce high-quality, highly accurate metal-stamped medical parts. 

Examples of metal-stamped parts in the medical industry are implantable components like brackets, clips, clamps, battery cases, or surgical instruments like a scalpel. 

Electronics Industry

The most critical aspect of producing metal parts for the electronics industry is precision. A small difference in size could render the part useless. Therefore, manufacturers prefer custom metal stampings to produce intricate and simple metal parts with high tolerances. 

The consumer electronics sector relies on precision metal stamping and micro-stamping to produce a variety of small precision components used in household appliances.


The HVAC industry requires high-precision stamping parts made of materials that can stand harsh environments. The most common precision-stamped parts in the HVAC industry are handles, bulbs, and sealing components. 

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