HK1 PRO Android 11.0 Things You Need To Know

The new HK1 PRO Android 11.0 TV box is one of the most talked-about TV boxes on the market right now. If you’re thinking about getting one, there are a few things you should know first. In this blog post, we’ll go over everything you need to know about the HK1 PRO Android 11.0 TV Box, from its specs to its features to its price. Read on for more information!

What is the HK1 PRO Android 11.0?

The HK1 PRO Android 11.0 is the latest version of the Android operating system, released on September 8, 2020. It introduces a number of new features and improvements over previous versions, including support for foldable devices, improved privacy controls, and more.


Foldables are a new type of device that allows you to fold them up like a book. The HK1 PRO supports this new form factor and offers a number of benefits over traditional smartphones. For example, you can use multiple apps at the same time on a single screen, or even watch two different videos side-by-side.

privacy controls

Android 11.0 includes several new privacy features that give you more control over your data. For example, you can now grant one-time access to an app instead of giving it permission to always access your location or camera. You can also choose to share only part of your screen with another app, so they can’t see what you’re doing in other apps.

improved performance

Android 11.0 includes a number of performance improvements designed to make your device faster and smoother. For example, it includes a new mechanism for managing background apps that should result in reduced battery drain and improved overall system performance. Additionally, the update process has been streamlined so that it should take less time to install future updates.

The Different Types of Android 11.0

Android 11.0 is the upcoming eleventh major release and the 18th version of the Android mobile operating system. Announced on February 24, 2020, it is the successor to Android 10.

There are three different types of Android 11.0:

  • Custom ROMs

Custom ROMs are modified versions of the Android OS that can be installed on phones and tablets. They are developed by third-party developers and often offer a more customizable experience than stock Android. Examples of popular custom ROMs include LineageOS, Resurrection Remix, and OmniROM.

  • Google Play Edition Devices

Google Play Edition (GPE) devices are a line of smartphones and tablets that run a stock version of Android with no modifications or additions from the manufacturer or carrier. Notable GPE devices include the HTC One M8, Samsung Galaxy S4, and Sony Xperia Z Ultra.

  • AOSP Devices

AOSP stands for “Android Open Source Project.” AOSP devices are those that ship with an open-source version of Android that can be used without any proprietary software or apps from Google. These devices are typically aimed at developers or power users who want to have full control over their device’s software. An example of an AOSP device is the OnePlus One.

Pros and Cons of the HK1 PRO Android 11.0

The HK1 Pro Android 11.0 is a budget-friendly smartphone that offers good value for money. It has a decent specification with a few drawbacks.


  • Decent performance for the price
  •  Good battery life


  • Low light camera performance is poor
  • The display could be brighter

How to Update Your Phone to the HK1 PRO Android 11.0

If you own an HK1 PRO Android, you can update your phone to the latest Android 11.0 operating system. Here’s how:

First, make sure your phone is fully charged and connected to a Wi-Fi network.

Next, go to Settings > System > System Update.

If there is an update available, you’ll see a message saying “System update available.” Tap “Download and install” to download and install the update.

Keto Recipes for Android 11.0

If you’re running Android 11.0 and looking for some keto recipes, we’ve got you covered. Check out our list of the best keto recipes for Android 11.0 below.

1. Keto Breakfast Burrito Recipe

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Alternatives to the HK1 PRO Android 11.0

If you’re looking for an alternative to the HK1 PRO Android 11.0, there are a few other options out there. One option is the Xiaomi Mi Box S, which runs on Android 8.1 Oreo. It’s a great option for those who want access to the Play Store and all of its apps, but don’t necessarily need the latest and greatest version of Android.

HK1 PRO Android 11.0

Another option is the Nvidia Shield TV, which runs on Android TV 9 Pie. It’s a great choice for those who want a more powerful streaming device that can also double as a gaming console. It’s also one of the most expensive options on this list.

Finally, there’s the Amazon Fire TV Stick 4K, which runs on Fire OS 7. This is a great option for those who want access to Amazon’s ecosystem of content and services. It’s also one of the most affordable options on this list.

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