Final Fantasy 7 Remake: 16 Best Armor Pieces

It’s best to defend yourself than to attack. Today, we’re going to list the best pieces of armor in the remake of Final Fantasy 7.

The cool-looking weapons in the Final Fantasy series always get all the attention. Weapons like Cloud’s Buster Sword, Barret’s Gatling Gun, and even Aerith’s staff weapons stand out. When it comes to Final Fantasy VII Remake, the armor pieces may not be as flashy, but they are just as important on the fight as the weapons.

As you might expect from armor, picking the right pieces to protect that person and knowing their skills and weaknesses will have a big impact on how the fight turns out. There are many things to find in the game, and it may take a while to complete them all. However, if you know which ones are worth buying, the process will go much more quickly. Let’s check out the best armor in the game.

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