Discovering The Hype: A Deep Dive Into The BAPE Store in New York

In the heart of New York City’s bustling shopping district, nestled amongst iconic brands and fashion landmarks, stands a mecca for streetwear enthusiasts and fashion aficionados alike – the BAPE Store New York. With its distinct camouflage patterns, bold designs, and a cult following that spans the globe, BAPE (short for “A Bathing Ape”) has become synonymous with streetwear culture. In this article, we will take you on a virtual tour of the BAPE Store in New York, explore its history, and delve into the world of BAPE sneakers and clothing.

A Brief History of BAPE

BAPE’s journey began in Tokyo, Japan, in 1993 when designer Nigo (real name: Tomoaki Nagao) founded the brand. Nigo’s vision was to create clothing combining streetwear, high fashion, and pop culture elements, resulting in unique and eye-catching designs. The brand quickly gained recognition for its signature camouflage pattern, often referred to as “BAPE Camo,” and the iconic Ape Head logo.

BAPE’s global popularity soared in the early 2000s, thanks in part to influential figures in the music and entertainment industry, such as Pharrell Williams and Kanye West, who proudly sported BAPE clothing and sneakers. This exposure propelled the brand onto the international stage, solidifying its status as a streetwear powerhouse.

The BAPE Store in New York

The BAPE Store New York, located at 91 Greene Street in the trendy SoHo neighborhood, serves as a flagship location for the brand in the United States. The store’s design embodies BAPE’s aesthetic – it’s a fusion of street style and contemporary art, showcasing the brand’s distinctive graphics and patterns.

When you enter the BAPE Store in New York, you will immediately be greeted by a vibrant atmosphere, with displays of BAPE clothing, accessories, and sneakers catering to all ages and styles. Iconic camouflage motifs, futuristic fixtures, and a sense of urban energy characterize the store’s interior.

BAPE Sneakers: A Style Icon

BAPE Sta: One of the brand’s most recognizable silhouettes, the BAPE Sta, draws inspiration from the classic Nike Air Force 1 It features the Ape Head logo on the side and often comes in vibrant colorways, making it a statement piece for sneakerheads.

BAPE Shark: The BAPE Shark series takes camouflage to the next level with its shark-tooth design. These sneakers are known for their bold, in-your-face aesthetic and symbolize BAPE’s commitment to pushing boundaries.

Collaborations: BAPE has collaborated with some of the biggest names in the sneaker world, including Adidas and Reebok. These collaborations often result in limited-edition releases that collectors and enthusiasts highly covet.

Comfort and Quality: Beyond their stylish appearance, BAPE sneakers are lauded for their comfort and craftsmanship. The brand takes pride in using premium materials to ensure that each pair looks great and feels great on your feet.

BAPE Clothing: A Streetwear Staple

Graphic Tees: BAPE is known for its graphic tees, often featuring bold and colorful designs. The tees incorporate the Ape Head logo, camouflage patterns, and pop culture references, making them instantly recognizable.


Hoodies and Sweatshirts: BAPE hoodies and sweatshirts are a go-to choice for those seeking both comfort and style. These garments often sport the signature BAPE Camo and are perfect for layering during the colder months.


Outerwear: The brand offers a diverse selection of outerwear, from varsity jackets to bomber jackets, all featuring BAPE’s unique design elements. These pieces make a strong fashion statement while keeping you warm.


Accessories: To complete your BAPE look, the store offers an array of accessories, including caps, backpacks, and even face masks. These items allow you to incorporate BAPE’s iconic style into your everyday attire.


The BAPE Store in New York is a creativity, style, and streetwear culture hub. It stands as a testament to the enduring appeal of BAPE, a brand that has transcended borders and generations to become a global phenomenon.

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