Custom Decals: The Ultimate Branding Tool

Custom decals are a fun, colorful, and affordable way to customize any place with your logo or text. Turn a common wall or window into a work of art with removable wall decals. Decal stickers are the fastest and most cost-effective way to add life and personality to the walls, windows, or mirrors of your home, business, classroom, car, truck, and more. 

Whether you’re decorating a home, outfitting a dorm room, or attracting customers, top-quality, removable vinyl decals are the perfect way. Vinyl decals are made and cut from durable plastic and can be applied to just about any smooth, clean surface. Decal stickers are an excellent way of marketing and promoting a business at a low cost. Ready to exceed even in a competitive marketplace, these creative decals are often perceived more as a product rather than an advertisement. 

This helps create a stronger reach and connection. It is a fact that thoughtfully created decals have the capacity to increase exposure for your business. Needless to say, it does not matter if you own a large office space or a small boutique store, options like custom window decals, wall and floor graphics, vehicle graphics, and more do a perfect job of branding your business.

What Is A Decal?

A decal is a plastic paper sheet with a printed image on it. The design is made to be transferable to another area and is usually done with water or heat. The decal technique was created and popularized by Simon Francois Ravenet in the 19th century. A decal is usually made of four layers from top to bottom. 

The top layer makes up the upper side of the label stock. The second layer of custom decal stickers is the adhesive layer, which is applied to the bottom of the face stock. The third layer consists of a release coating layer applied to the material’s upper side. 

The last layer is a film liner of the label stock. There are two main types of decals, called the vinyl peel-and-stick and the water-dip or water-slide.

Can The Decal Easily Be Removed?

A removable custom made decals can be removed, moved, and replaced easily. This offers consumers a low-commitment option that is easy to exchange if their minds happen to change. Trends are constantly changing and improved graphics are always coming out. 

These options make it easy for shops or vehicle owner to stay on top of these trends and decorate their doors, windows, cars, and other places with high-quality removable decals. 

How To Choose The Right Stickers

When you are choosing the right custom printed stickers, there are a few things you will want to keep in mind. One of these is the color of your vehicle and the color of the sticker. Consider that more contrast will cause the sticker or decal to stand out more, but may not suit the car well. 

You will want a sticker that will be easy to remove. This is helpful if you end up not liking where the sticker has been set. You will also want the sticker to be made of high quality. This is because the custom sticker will be displayed to the elements, so you will want it to be durable. 

How To Apply Decals?

If you are applying the decals by yourself, you can follow these steps to ensure that you get the most out of your design.

  • Clean the surface or place where you want to apply the  custom printed decals
  • Mix dish liquid and hot water, then place on the surface
  • Peel the decal backing and place the pattern on the wet area
  • The last step is to smoothen the pattern to work out any bubbles or liquid that might have been left on the area. You’ll need to use a straight surface and work from the center out for this step

Custom decals with polymeric calendared vinyl are also a great option. This is because they have a unique air-release lining that reduces folding and allows for smooth removal.

Feasibility To Advertise In An Affordable Way

Decals are enormously affordable as compared to other forms of advertising. This makes them a perfect choice for startups and established organizations. 

A lot of important information like a new product launch, discounts, and other details are promoted with the use of this creative adhesive, water, and weatherproof wholesale sticker printing.

Mainstay To Branding

Customized decals added to the interior and exterior of a business help in personalizing the space. They put more attention on the brand when applied to goods and services. When smartly combined with other advertising activities, decals are an eye-catching way of drawing attention to your business.


Decorating the windows, glass, doors, and vehicles with custom decals can be exciting, customizable, and creative, leading to a great overall experience. The ease of application customizability, and non-permanent nature make them an excellent choice for business, promotions, and other events. Decals lead to your perfect branding in your target market or community.

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