15 of the best puzzle games on mobile devices

There are currently some really fantastic mobile puzzle games available. These are some of your finest options.

Despite what some gamers may think, the majority of console games have nothing on mobile games in terms of popularity, which makes sense given that most people have access to smartphones and tablets. By 2027, Statista, a provider of market data, projects that the mobile gaming business will be worth 221.7 billion dollars.

The continued growth of mobile gaming is not surprising. After all, the market offers a diverse range of genres that are appropriate for any gamer! Additionally, puzzle games that require players to come up with clever solutions are among of the most popular mobile games. The top fifteen puzzle games on mobile are listed below.

On October 10, 2022, Chris Sanfilippo published an update: Every day, new puzzle games are added on mobile platforms. And although some apps resemble ad-pushing clones, others offer wonderful brainteasers and stunning creative design! Zookeeper World, Tetris Beat, Grindstone, Coreball, tint., and Manifold Garden are just a few of the top brand-new mobile puzzle games that are now available and are featured on the Apple Arcade service.

15. Monument Valley


Ustwo’s Monument Valley is a stunning-looking independent puzzle game. Ida is a figure that players control as they lead her through optical illusion-based mazes. To exit the maze, players must understand the special physics of each level.

Each level’s puzzle is solved through a certain interaction, such as building platforms and bridges or scaling towers. Monument Valley is a terrific puzzle game as a result of this. Players will find even harder puzzles from this series in the game’s sequel.

14. Zookeeper World

Franken-Lion roars for an adoring crowd in Zookeeper World.

The market for mobile games is flooded with match-3 games. However, Kiterescu Inc.’s Zookeeper World distinguishes apart thanks to its distinctive Zoo management system. Players can purchase exhibits, facilities, animals, and more for their Zoo after winning cash in Match-3 rounds.

The wealth of content available on Zookeeper World is among its best features. For instance, gamers have the opportunity to win exclusive goodies, such as costumes for their animals, during seasonal events. The enormous selection of unlocked minigames you can purchase and set up in your Zoo like any other facility, however, is what truly stands out. In essence, Zookeeper World is a collection of minigames, a sim game, and a Match-3 game!

13. Threes!

Math is a common theme in puzzle games, and the difficulties can occasionally be excruciating. However, the independent game Threes! is a straightforward and engrossing math-based puzzle game. In Sirvo’s game Threes!, players move numbered tiles across a four-by-four grid in an effort to obtain multiples of three and addends.

Players swipe tiles across the screen in the direction they want them to go during the brief but enjoyable levels. The layout is straightforward with some sweetness added by the faces at the bottom of the tiles.

12. Tetris Beat

A Single line clears during a fun bop in Tetris Beat.

The Tetris franchise has been around for 25 years, and it keeps evolving. Significant instances of this achievement on consoles are reboot games like Tetris Effect and crossover games like the Puyo Puyo Tetris series. Tetris Beat, on the other hand, is a fantastic illustration of how the game may change when played on a mobile device.

Tetris Beat blends rhythm game components with the all-too-familiar gameplay of the franchise. In essence, players select music from a sizable collection. Then, in order to create combos and score points, players must drop tetrominoes in rhythm with the song’s beat. It’s a system that gives the show a fresh flair without confusing the gameplay. Additionally, the game keeps expanding its library, so you can anticipate hearing brand-new music with each update!

11. Two Dots

The 2013 smartphone game Dots has a follow-up called Two Dots. By including goals, a campaign, and power-ups, it elevates the prior game to a new level. The levels are divided into various worlds, and each world has its own set of goals, challenges, and themes.

The gameplay is not very complicated. Connecting dots of the same color will eliminate them from the game. Additionally, there is a weekly Treasure Hunt in which players from all over the world compete to be the first to finish a set of seven levels and acquire items.

10. The Room

One of the top puzzle mobile games is still The Room, which debuted in 2012 and has now become a series. Its narrative, which capitalizes on people’s innate curiosity, is straightforward but engrossing.

A room contains a number of odd puzzle boxes that the players must solve. To open a box, you need a certain set of tools for each one. Players are drawn more into the narrative as more problems are figured out. The game’s spooky sense of mystery is enhanced by the gloomy surroundings and menacing music.

9. Grindstone

Jorj prepares to attack a horde of red creeps in Grindstone.

The puzzle game Grindstone is hilarious and action-packed, with elements of both Tsum Tsum and God of War. The strong, frostbitten protagonist of this game, Jorj, is followed by Capybara Games as he scales a dangerous mountain range and slays “creeps.”

The main objective of Grindstone’s gameplay is to destroy grids of creatures that are of the same color. Jorj can use “grindstones,” jewels that are released as a result of high-numbered assault sequences, to connect strikes from two monsters of various colors. These guidelines are simple to understand but become complicated as Jorj encounters foes and roadblocks. As a result, Grindstone is both difficult to master and fun to win!

8. Cut The Rope

All ages love the cute mobile puzzle game Cut The Rope. It was first released in 2010, and since then, there have been a number of sequels and spinoff games where players must find a way to feed the adorable tiny green monster Om Nom.

The game is straightforward. Players must figure out how to entice Om Nom to swallow a piece of candy that is dangling above him. Each new level features amusing and vibrant cartoon-style obstacles and puzzles.

7. Prune

The increasing difficulty of puzzle games makes it simple to become stressed out. Prune, a puzzle game, fortunately, excels in providing a challenge while upholding a tranquil mood with its calming music and exquisite Sumi-e inspired imagery.

Players grow their very own trees from seed, tend to them, and aid in their growth by pruning branches and dodging hazards so they can get sunlight. When that occurs, flowers will start to grow on the branches; players must grow a specific amount of blooms to complete the level.

6. tint.

Completing this puzzle in

If you’re seeking for a fresh, peaceful puzzle activity, “tint.” is a satisfying affair. In this game from Lykkegaard Europe Limited, players must use paintings to solve problems. In order to approach targets that are the same color, one must paint lines of that color. When one must combine primary colors to achieve secondary-colored targets, the game becomes more engaging. Paint also cannot pass over colored lines that are incompatible with the current color.

Tint can be both enjoyable and perplexing because to its malleability. One advantage is that there are numerous solutions to a single puzzle. On the other hand, some challenges can leave you completely baffled. No matter how many times you play through it, you’ll produce spontaneous works of art that you may store in your photo album!

5. Dissembler

When initially viewing Dissembler, it could be difficult to fully comprehend how this puzzle game operates. But once they start playing, players are on their way to enjoying one of the brightest and most enjoyable puzzle games available for mobile devices.

Players in Dissembler flip tile pairs to create color groups that match. The objective is to clear the board by matching every tile on the screen. Each of the more than 170 puzzles is a handcrafted masterpiece, and there are free daily puzzles and a color-blind mode to increase player accessibility.

4. Brain It On!

A mobile puzzle game called Brain It On! puts a player’s understanding of physics and endurance to the test. Each puzzle, which appears to be simple at first glance, requires players to draw shapes in order to complete. Every riddle can be solved in more than one manner, though.

When players acquire stars in earlier levels, they can unlock every level for free. The fact that they can design their own levels and make them playable by other members of the community is even more astounding. Additionally, Brain It On! has multiplayer options so you may compete against pals.

3. Hocus

Hocus is a smartphone puzzle game that puts a distinctive twist on problems involving optical illusions and impossibly complex geometry. Thí is an independent video game created by Yunus and Kubra of GameBra.in, a husband and wife team. It is based on M.C. Escher’s artwork.

The goal of the game is to move a red cube to a specific location on the specified shape for each stage. Each level contains a challenge that tempts players to alter their perspective while they seek out a solution by using shapes that can visually deceive a player’s head.

2. Manifold Garden

The inner corridor of a large tower in Manifold Garden.

Speaking of M.C. Escher, another outstanding puzzle game that draws heavily on the painstakingly geometrical artist is Manifold Garden. However, this masterwork was created by Chicago-based artist William Chyr.

Fans of 3D platformers with puzzles, such as Qube, Portal, and The Spectrum Retreat, will adore the novel challenges in Manifold Garden and may even be in awe of them. You cannot die in Manifold Garden, which is one of its distinguishing features. In its universe, repetition is infinite. As a result, occasionally solving a puzzle requires players to free-fall to the next location.

Manifold Garden offers a variety of gaming choices outside of the campaign, such as a Photography Mode that enables users to colorize, frame, and filter their current environment to create stunning works of art. It’s a wonderful addition that enhances the imaginative tone of the title.

1. Euclidean Skies

A beautifully beautiful puzzle/action mobile game is called Euclidean Skies. Euclidean Skies, the follow-up to Euclidean Lands, features more than fifty levels that comprise vibrant, dynamic worlds. In order to defeat adversaries and advance to new, harder levels, players must rotate and shift the world.

This game has a high fantasy, whimsical vibe thanks to its floating castles. Although hard-core puzzle players will like the game’s difficulty due to its lengthy levels and severe boss battles, casual gamers can also enjoy it.

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