10 Best Vanguard Operators In Arknights

Vanguard Operators are one of Rhodes Island’s primary defenders in the dystopian world of Arknights.

Vanguard Operators hold the front lines of defense on Rhodes Island in the bleak world of Arknights. These operators have a wide range of skills and are very important to the result of battles. Vanguards are often one of the first units to be sent out because they don’t cost many DP. This frees up more DP for the rest of the group to be sent out. Vanguards are great at dealing with the first waves of enemies in many actions because their stats are pretty good all around.

Within the Vanguard class, operators have unique skills and abilities that make a big difference in how well their teams do. Each Vanguard Operator brings a different set of skills to the fight. For example, the Pioneers are great at defense, while the Standard Bearers are great at quickly making DP. Together, they make sure that the team’s defense and progress are strong, which affects how important fights turn out.

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