10 Best Side Scrolling RPGs Out There

Side-scrolling role-playing games have been popular for a long time because they combine the deep stories and character growth of standard RPGs.

Side-scrolling role-playing games have been popular for a long time. They combine the story-driven and character-building features of standard RPGs with the action-packed gameplay of side-scrolling adventures. In these games, players can explore beautiful worlds, participate in exciting combat, and find epic quests that get more complicated as they go.

There are old games that made the genre what it is today, like Castlevania: Symphony of the Night, and new games that are works of art that push the limits of plot, like Darkest Dungeon. Explore the complex web of side-scrolling RPGs and find the hidden gems that have captivated gamers all over the world. These side-scrolling RPGs are sure to be fun for both experienced fans of the genre and people who have never played one before.

Castlevania: Symphony Of The Night

castlevania-symphony-of-the-night.JPG (1500×750)

With its smooth animations and unique style, this game has hit the pinnacle of 2D gaming and is thought to be one of the best games for the PlayStation One. Although the music in the game is synthesized, its fullness and range make it very enjoyable to listen to, adding to the great mood. It changed the way games were played by adding the Metroidvania style and putting players in Dracula’s house, where new obstacles appear over time.

Even though the version of the game isn’t great, its over-the-top and cheesy lines make it famous. Castlevania: Symphony of the Night brings back all the good things about 2D games while adding amazing depth, accurate controls, and solid gameplay. The PlayStation Store’s best game is now officially confirmed to be this one.

Super Metroid (SNES)

super-metroid.JPG (1500×750)

All Metroid games are judged by how well they play against Super Metroid, a famous action/adventure game for the SNES. Players take on the role of bounty hunter Samus Aran and move through Planet Zebes’s complicated hallways. They can access new areas by collecting skills and power-ups. The game’s linked world slowly becomes more open, making the gameplay more interesting.

There are six different areas of Zebes, and players must learn certain skills to get to each one.Power-ups are available in Super Metroid, so players can change how the game feels to them and push themselves by finishing the game without getting all of the upgrades or trying to do speed runs. Because the game is so adaptable, it has helped the speedrunning subculture grow.

Hollow Knight

hollow-knight.JPG (1500×750)

Hollow Knight shocks players with a fun game play and a real-feeling 2D world. Intense combat and witty platforming puzzles are featured in the game. There are beautiful images and new enemies in every area. As players get new skills and power-ups, they can get to places they couldn’t get to before.

The combat in the game is hard because you have to be precise, time your moves, and think strategically. Going backwards makes the game harder, but it also gives you a good feeling when you finish. When players die, things happen that make them have to get back the money they dropped and face new tasks. With a 30-hour main quest and free DLC updates, Hollow Knight has a lot of content that will keep you interested for a long time.


blasphemous.JPG (1500×750)

Blasphemous is impressive with its gory look, complex combat animations, and strange religious symbols. The scary graphics and sad music in the game make for a very spooky atmosphere. It takes place in a world full of holy symbols and stories that are hard to understand. The Penitent One is a silent hero whose job it is to reach the Cradle of Affliction. The game follows his trip. The pixel art in this game is beautiful, and the movements are very detailed and scary.

The combat is reactive, so you need to be very good at timing and planning ahead. You can add more fun to combat by using parrying and finisher moves. Boss fights add excitement to the game by introducing new characters and making enemies look creepy. The consequences of dying in this game are not as harsh, with the focus being on Fervour loss rather than money loss. The mood and graphics of the game are great, which is something that many games fail to do.

Fury Unleashed

fury-unleashed.JPG (1500×750)

Fury Unleashed is a modern roguelike game that was influenced by games like Contra and Metal Slug. The levels in the game are procedurally created and look like comic book panels. Ink, the game’s currency, can be used to buy lasting upgrades that make characters better. The usual level of difficulty is hard, but players can unlock different game modes. The story is about a character in a comic book who fights chaos while also showing the struggles of the comic’s author.

The game is fun to play. The right thumbstick controls shooting, and the shoulder buttons are used for important tasks. The combo system rewards smart play by giving more and more awards for quick kills without taking damage. With skills like double-jumping, dashing, stomping, and close combat attacks, players can reach a high skill level. The game is worth playing because the progression method makes it better over time.


dex.JPG (1500×750)

Dex gets ideas from games like Flashback and Penalty Kick Online. In this game, players take on the part of Dex in a 2D world full of secrets and class warfare. In battle, players must use hand-to-hand moves, block, dodge, and sneaky takedowns. XP can be used to improve skills, which gives real benefits beyond just more damage and life. Even though guns are available, strikes with your bare hands work better. With an open world to explore and side tasks to complete, exploration is a big part of the game.

The game has moody pixel art, and it runs smoothly most of the time. The synth-based music fits the mood, and most of the time, the voice acting is good. The interesting story is made even better by adding more tasks that take place in the adult world of the game. Fans of RPGs and Metroidvania games will enjoy this one. Those who are patient will have an exciting time.

Dead Cells

dead-cells.JPG (1500×750)

With its constantly changing levels, wide range of weapons, and quick-paced gameplay, Dead Cells is a great example of great game creation. Risk and reward are at the heart of the game. As players move through levels and die, they learn new things that they can use to move forward. The order and placement of the levels give the game structure, while the changing patterns and placement of enemies make each run exciting and unpredictable.

The game’s smooth movement and combat keep it going, urging players to play quickly and quickly. There are different levels of strategy and tactics in the game, which can be seen in the choices you make right away and in the overall gameplay. In the end, the game is a mix of feeling, planning ahead, having fun, and learning from mistakes.

Darkest Dungeon

darkest-dungeon.JPG (1500×750)

Even though Darkest Dungeon looks easy at first glance, it is actually a very deep and difficult game. The hand-drawn art and moving backgrounds make the experience feel like it’s really happening. The important part that chance plays in battles is making them exciting and hard to predict. The dialogue in the game is great; it gives scary warnings and incorporates Lovecraftian story elements into the gameplay.

The game has a perma-death system that makes it stand out. Characters who die in fight stay dead. Heroes’ quirks also have a big effect on how well they do their jobs, which adds another level of complexity to handle. Dealing with stress is an important part of the game, both on the field and in the town. In general, it’s a brutal and engaging strategy game with a captivating atmosphere. The game’s difficulty and complexity make it a one-of-a-kind experience that is hard to master.

Bloodstained: Ritual Of The Night

bloodstained-ritual-of-the-night.JPG (1500×750)

Bloodstained: Ritual of the Night does a great job of bringing back the magic of old Castlevania and Metamorphos games. The game takes place in a new world and has new personalities and ways to play. The player takes control of Miriam, an orphan girl who can use devil powers. The main goal of the game is to explore a huge castle full of demons, monsters, and strange items. There is a lot of material, so you can play for about 20 hours.

Customization choices let players use different weapons and powers to make their game style unique. The randomness of loot drops and the fun variety of monsters and bosses, including some known faces from the prequel, make the game more exciting. The experience is better because of the great voice acting, which includes David Hayter’s work. The soundtrack, which was made by seasoned professionals, captures the essence of original Castlevania games.

Eastern Exorcist

eastern-exorcist.JPG (1500×750)

The story of Eastern Exorcist is about Lu Yunchuan, a skilled fighter and exorcist who wants to get revenge. The interesting story behind the game makes the monsters you face more complicated. This 2D side-scrolling RPG is hard because the controls are tight and quick. You need to be patient, plan ahead, and time your moves perfectly. The game is enjoyable, even though it is hard at times. Players can earn and improve different Exorcism Arts, which give them different ways to attack and defend.

The game looks amazing because of its hand-drawn art style and lively cutscenes that remind me of Chinese opera. There are believable combat sounds and a great score in the sound design. This game is fun to play because it has tight controls, a good level of challenge, beautiful graphics, and a lot of story.

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